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My Mom Fucked My Friends On The Bus

Hi my name is Rohit and i am 24. Thia is the story about my mom and my friends.
My mom is 43 and she has a figure ho 38 30 38. She looks too young for her age and honestly because she is a slutty women. She has had a huge share of sex in her life. Now i have two best friends Abhinav and Ashok. They both are physically very strong. A hell lot stringer then me, taller and their muscles are quite strong too. My mom always look for hot studs to fuck but i never expected her to fuck my friends. Whenever my mom used the public transport , she made sure to get on a very full bus with next to no space so people would be touching her melons. So one of these days i was standing on the bus stand with my both mates and suddenly mom appeared. I could see my mates were having a bulge in their jeans as soon as they saw by slutty mom. Mom saw that too as she gave a slutty kiss on their chicks. She did not do that to me though. We talked about a few things and then a bus arrived , it was si freaking full of weird smelly road workers and a few drunkards as it smelled like shit. Mom said ” come on we gotta get on this bus”.
“Mom its full. We can wait”
No honey lets get going. Why are you worried Abhi and Ashok will take care of me and….you”
They both gave me that look “gotta do your mom”. We got on the bus finally. Now as soon as we got on, all of them started to stare at my mom’s boobs. Her nipple were getting hard too. Then i saw a passenger touching my mom’s ass. I thought mom would scold him but instead she came even closer to that man and opened her legs a little wider so he could easily touch her pussy too. “She has got on this bus to get fucked” i heard a guy saying. “Fuck look at her ass, bitch is totally made of sex” said his friend. The bus was moving slowly and Ashok & Abhi secured a seat for my mom. Then suddenly Ashok said “oh my leg, its hurt, i need ti sit”. My mom offered her seat but he said he couldn’t make her stand while he sits. But my mom said something in his ear and he smiled. My mom got up , he sat in the seat and then my mom sat on his lap! Her huge ass on my friend’s lap. With every moment my friend would hump her a little and mom would smile. Mom could feel his hard dick trying to get in her. To be honest my dick was alsk as hard as rock. Some passengers at the last seat of the bus cheered at this scene. “Woooooooooo what a slut!”” “Come sit on my lap bitch!””” Rude comments yes. Abhi was sitting next to me and i could see he was jealous of Ashok and hard at the same time. My eyes met Ashok and he winked me. What the hell! The other passenger next to me was also looking.
“She is your mom right?”
“Ummmm yes”
“Dammm she is hot. You got a yummy mummy”
“Uhhhhh i dont know sir”
“Seriously man, its okay these things happen on the buses all the time people touch and stuff but your mom is taking it to a new level, such a slut!””
I could not say anything then he said again, ” i’d love to fuck your mom right away, come on i know you are hard too”
I was very embarrased so i just “hmmmed”.
“What is her name?”
“Shit just by her name she sounds like a slut, fuck give me her number dude”
Well i had to get up at that point. Then Abhi stood up and we all got ready to get off the bus as oud stop was next. Ashok was now pushing my mom towards him and was saying something in her ear and my mom was smiling. Then i saw my mom’s hand was in Abhi’s pants!
Oh no not both of them mom! Thank goodness our stop came and we got off.
Mom “well boys lets go to our home so we could finish what wd started”
“What are you talking about mom?” I asked. “Shut up little guy! Its between us and your mom” shouted Ashok. Mom smiled at this. We started walking and i saw both of them were on her either side and their hands cupping my mom’s big ass. While i had to just follow.
On the way Ashok kissed my mom and Abhk grabbed her boobs too. “Mommmmmmm please what are you doing?””” Said i in total disbelief. “What do you mean baby? Mommy is having fun. These boys were thrusty so i gave them some milk. Helping is cool.””” Said mom while smiling.
“You got a lot of milk kalpana” said ashok grabbing my mom’s boobs again.
Finally we got home. Abhi picked my mom in her arms and took her to the bedroom. While Ashok went in too.
I was so excited to miss this so i went right up in my room and came back, and sneaked in the bedroom. The scene in there was full of sex. My mom was on her all fours on the bed. Ashok was pumping his dick in her mouth and Abhi was all set to invade my mom’s wet slippery, welcoming pussy. But then he saw me looking at them…….

The Humiliation continues in the 2nd part….

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