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Your Hot Slutty Mom Visits Your School – 1



The school called for your mom after you failed your maths exam miserably. You were scared that you’d get some serious stuff to deal with. The moment your mom entered your school, everyone dropped their jaws. Your mom’s big breasts entered in about 2 seconds before she did. You saw one of the teacher making a remark about your mom’s big phat Ass. Anyways your mom entered the office room and soon she said that she was feeling a bit hot (even in the A.C.) and took off her jacket. Your principle could not take his eyes off your mom’s meaty boobs. Just Then your mom asked to wait outside as she has to talk to the principle in private. you waited for half hour and the noises of your mom’s moans like oooh aaaah ohhhh yessssss ohhhh yessss harder” came from the inside of the room. Whole of the School Heard them noises and you’re worried it could lead to something more…

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