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Your Hot Slutty Mom Visits Your School – III

Now everyday your math’s teacher comes to your house in order to give you some extra classes but instead he doesn’t even look at you. He just comes in, your mom greets him on the door with a hot wet kiss and then she just grabs his head and force it in her big boobs. Your math’s teacher then spends all his day fucking your mom’s hot wet slippry cock thrusty pussy in your parents bedroom.


20160526073858All the neighbours also get to hear your mom’s loud moans when he rides your mom in doggystyle. Your mom has started caring less about you and even at the midnight she just Asks him over and gets fucked. Your grades in maths have not much improved and one of these days you heard your mom say to your math’s teacher ,” oooh baby just fuck me harder i dont care even if you fail my loser son, all i want is your big fat cock in my slippry pussy, i only went to his school to get fucked and invited you only because my pussy wanted your cock, now come and fuck me even in front of my son”. Your teacher laughed, spanked your mom’s big ass and said ,”i knew you were a whore since i saw you first, bitch”. You just stand in the corner and see your mom getting satisfied by your math’s teacher.

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