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Your Slutty Mom Is Famous Among Boys!

20160525074334Your mom is one hot bombshell. Before she met you dad (God knows who that is) she had plenty of boy friends. She was actually known for being a slut in her high school. All the boys had rode your mom and had gotten her pregnant one time or another. She liked getting rammed like this in the parties and even know she is still famous in the school. One day when you entered the boys Toilet room of your school you found your mom’s naked photos glued to the wall and many of your classmates jerking off to your mom’s big boobs. One of the boys yelled “ooooh your mom is such a fucking slut! Here i cum on your mom’s big tits!” and he did poured his cum all over the boobs of your mom. Its funny how you felt ashamed but also loved it at the same time.

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